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Adams County Bicentennial Committee Creates Speakers Bureau

          May 13, 1999 - The Adams County Bicentennial Committee, as part of the Adams County Bicentennial Celebration, has created a speakers bureau listing. The list is now available to any school, club, organization or other group looking for a speaker for a program on the Bicentennial. Coordinator of the bureau is Marilyn Maitland, who can be reached at 334-3101.

          Made up of fifteen speakers, the speakers bureau list covers subjects of the Bicentennial and Adams County history. Harry Seifert, Chairman of the Bicentennial, will speak on the subject of the Bicentennial Celebration and the volunteer committees that are currently preparing for the year-long birthday celebration. Donald Smith, Chairman of the Bicentennial Program Sub-Committee, speaks on the many activities that are being planned throughout the county.

          If interested in the overall history of the county, a group could ask for Dr. Charles Gladfelter or Sterling Musselman to address their organization. Several famous early residents of the county are covered by Jacqueline White, who speaks on Rev. Alexander Dobbin (1743-1809), and Ross Hedrick, who is knowledgeable on Thaddeus Stevens (1792-1868).

          The most well-known time period of Adams County, the Battle of Gettysburg, is covered by several distinguished speakers. Mr. Scott Hartwig details the story of the young Adams County men who served in the Civil War. Cindy Small speaks on the short life of Adams County resident, Jennie Wade. Less known but just as interesting are the stories of Annie Danner and Mrs. Elizabeth Thorn, as told by Anne Griffith in period clothing.

          Debra Sandoe McCauslin relates the history of her ancestors, including the first soldier to fall in the Battle of Gettysburg and her great grandfather’s recollections of the Spanish American War. John Horner, in Civil War outfit, tells stories of members of his family who lived in Adams County during the Civil War. Adams County’s most famous visitor, President Abraham Lincoln, can address groups through Jim Getty or Bill Ciampa.

          Adams County residents, President and Mrs. Dwight Eisenhower were well known by speaker Rev. Robert MacAskill, who relates his memories of this world-famous family as well as the story of Chaplain Howell in the Gettysburg Battle. Anyone interested in lining up any of these speakers for their group can call Marilyn Maitland at 334-3101.

          Adams County is planning activities to take place throughout the official celebration dates of July 1999 to July 2000. Events include participation on county festivals, programs in all the schools within the county, a living history faire and observance of the anniversary of the signing of the bill creating Adams County on January 22nd, 2000.

          Harry Seifert states "The Bicentennial Committee hopes that every citizen of Adams County will participate in some way". A brochure and a list of ideas of ways individuals, families and groups can participate may be obtained by calling 337-5274. Information is also posted on the Bicentennial Web site at www.gettysburg.com/adams200.

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