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Application for Official Endorsement of an Event or Activity and for Permission to Use the Bicentennial Logo

The Adams County Bicentennial Committee extends a cordial invitation to the community to participate in the 200th Anniversary of the County.

Events or activities must be authorized by the Adams County Bicentennial Committee to be listed as an official event of the Bicentennial. Likewise, the Bicentennial logo is not to be used without consent of the Bicentennial Committee. To be considered, this form is to be completed and sent to the Bicentennial Committee for its review and decision. 

Name of your organization/business:______________________________________________

Contact Person:______________________________________________________________


City State Zip:_______________________________________________________________

Day Telephone:______________________________________________________________


How do you plan to use the logo?________________________________________________

What is the nature of the event (i.e. parade, dance, reunion)? ___________________________

Please describe:______________________________________________________________

What is the beginning date? Ending Date?__________________________________________

What are the hours of the event?__________________________________________________

Where will the event be located?_________________________________________________

Do you have insurance coverage (including general liability insurance) for this event? Yes    No

Adams County Bicentennial Committee
Box 3803
Gettysburg, PA 17325

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