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• Support the Bicentennial by becoming a sponsor.
• Mention the Bicentennial in your group publications and newsletters.
• Print a phrase relating to the Bicentennial on your office stationery.
• Ask one of the speakers of the Bicentennial Speakers Bureau to address your group.
• Volunteer for a Bicentennial Sub-committee.
• Plant a tree.
• Have a Bicentennial birthday party.
• Organize a family reunion.
• Read articles and books on Adams County history and tell friends and family.
• Watch one of the Adams County Bicentennial history videos on Adams Community Television.
• Write your own Adams County memory and send it to gettysburg.com who will share it with others on the Internet. (We can also publish old photos.) Contact adams200@gettysburg.com.
• Use the Bicentennial as a theme for your groups upcoming annual event.
• Raise money and donate it to the Bicentennial or your favorite historical/preservation group.
• Enjoy music from our three centuries (18th, 19th, 20th), • including marching tunes and patriotic songs.
• Attend an official Bicentennial event.
• Appreciate the cultural diversity of our county. Attend events held by various ethnic and religious groups.
• Hold a history forum, seminar or workshop to stimulate public involvement.
• Create special exhibits on an aspect of our county history or life.
• Visit the historic museums located in various areas of the county.
• Sponsor a historic walk or tour of an area, home or business.
• Hold a cook-off with 18th and 19th century recipes.
• Hold a commemorative sporting event.
• Celebrate a holiday in the manner of the 18th and 19th century.
• Read facts and short articles on Adams County at the Bicentennial website, www.gettysburg.com/adams200.
• Check the Bicentennial website to see how the county school children are commemorating the Bicentennial and write them to acknowledge their achievements, www.gettysburg.com/adams200.
• Create artwork pertaining to the Bicentennial.
• Research a particular aspect of our county’s land, people or industry and write your findings in a report.
• Organize a Bicentennial parade in your town.
• Sponsor a candlelight service to honor our county.
• Reenact a particular event from our three centuries of history.Rent a film on frontier-colonial life.
• Sponsor an essay or art competition with prizes.

Note: Contact the Chairman of the Promotion Committee to help publicize your event: Jacqueline White, 89 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg, PA 17325, adams200@gettysburg.com, 334-8993.

Note: Official Bicentennial events must be approved by the Bicentennial Executive Committee. Click here to obtain an official event form.

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