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January 1999


A message from the Chairman: Harry Seifert
The Bicentennial Committee is in good shape and moving along at a relatively fast pace. This is good too, as there is a lot to be accomplished. Keeping everyone informed will be our toughest yet most important job. It is our hope that this newsletter will do just that. Please read it carefully and make notes of important dates and times. Call, fax, email or mail us and keep us informed and we will in turn notify the world.

Education Committee Notes:
The Education Committee's purpose is to organize learning experiences that will help to commemorate Adams County Bicentennial.  The committee under the leadership of Lance Landauer and William Foreman has been busy recruiting volunteers from county schools and organizing for the initial meeting with teachers and students.  The first planning session bringing together the committee members with the thirty-four teachers and students who have agreed to help with this project will be held on Dec. 7. Update: The education committee met with 24 students and teachers representing schools in Adams County to begin planning educational commemorative activities for the bicentennial celebration.  After providing representatives with an overview of the mission and goals established for this committee, students, teachers and committee members began the task of brainstorming ideas for use during the celebration.  Everyone present at the meeting seemed enthusiastic about participating in the project. 
     The next meeting of the educational committee will be Monday January 11, 1999 at 7:00 PM at Conewago Valley Administrative Offices.  At the next meeting students and teachers will organize by selecting officers for their committee, report on how they plan to share information within their home school districts, and continue their discussions about events appropriate for the bicentennial.
     If members of other committees are interested in attending the education committee meetings, feel free to join us.  Future meetings will be held in other schools throughout the county.  Anyone interested in assisting with the project should contact Lance Landauer (677-7418) or William Foreman (637-1801).

Next Executive Committee Meeting: Tuesday, January 26 at 7:00pm at the Historical Society.

Promotion Committee Notes: The Promotion Committee has finalized plans for the January 22, 1999 News Conference at 11:00 and all Bicentennial Committee members are welcome to attend.   It will be held in the old "historic" courtroom and will include historic personalities from Adams County's past.
     The media has been invited and will be given press kits about the Bicentennial. On this day the official logo will be unveiled. A Bicentennial brochure will be handed out, the website (www.gettysburg.com/adams200) will officially open and an official event application form will be available for those groups wanting to be included as an official bicentennial event.
     WGET 1320 will be broadcasting live from the event featuring Fred Snyder and Kim Alexander. Adams County Television and the Pennsylvania Cable Network will tape the activities for a later showing.
     Several press releases will be sent prior to the news conference and Bob McIlhenny (coordinator of the news conference) will appear on the January 11 WGET Breakfast Show.  On the 18th Jackie White will be on the same show. After the News Conference, on January 28, Jackie will host a show on Adams County Television to exhibit the logo and discuss the Bicentennial. The Promotions Committee is confident that the News Conference and its related events will alert the county population about the upcoming bicentennial.
     After the 22nd News Conference the promotions committee will focus on some of its other projects such as press releases, the speakers bureau, the brochure exhibit booth, collectable sales, sponsorships etc.
     The next meeting of the Promotion Committee will be on Tuesday, January 26 at 10:00am at the Dobbin House.

Research Committee Notes: The research committee is developing a list of dates (with brief annotations) of significant and/or interesting events in the history of Adams County as well as events in the lives of significant and/or interesting citizens of the county. The information may be used in the web site, in the production of a calendar, brief notes in the media and in the development of a "time line". Also, it may be used in the planning of celebration events.

Next Committee Newsletter: Another newsletter will be printed Monday, February 1. Committee Chairmen - please send your reports to Jackie White before this date. Data sent by email or floppy disk would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Program Committee Notes:
The Program committee has been hard at work these past five months, striving to put together a range of events to celebrate this event.  Committee members are commended for their diligence and commitment to this effort.  The following areas have been discussed, and action taken.
Bicentennial Celebration (January 22, 2000): Governor Ridge has been invited to be the guest speaker at the ceremonies scheduled for this date.  To accommodate a larger public gathering, the ceremony will be presented at the Reigle Auditorium, with Harry Seifert making opening introductions, followed by comments on the historical significance by Dr. Glatfelter and a dramatic reading of the 1800 Act of Incorporation and finally remarks by Governor Ridge.  Following the ceremony, the dignitaries will be transported to the Dobbin House for a luncheon, to which all county township supervisors and municipal mayors will be invited.  Dignitaries, in addition to the Governor and his wife, will include the county commissioners of Adams and York counties, the county judges of Adams County, Representative Stephen Maitland and Senator Terry Punt.  The luncheon will be by invitation and involve a fee.
     Later that evening, the Adams County Bicentennial Committee will host the Bicentennial Ball at the Eisenhower Center, with dance music provided by the Apple Museum Dance Band.  Heavy hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar will be a available throughout the evening.  Tickets will be sold for this event.
Adams County Bicentennial Band:
Bob Zellner, retired band director at Gettysburg College, has been enlisted to form the Adams County Bicentennial Band, and to offer a series of concerts at high school auditoriums throughout the county.  Dates are presently being requested of the various school districts.
Kick-Off Event:
Negotiations are in the preliminary stage to use the Brass Band Festival, June 19-20, 1999 as a kick-off event for the bicentennial.  Committee members will be meeting with representative of Main Street Gettysburg and several band directors to explore how these events can be merged.  Hopefully a parade can be incorporated, with floats from communities throughout the county.
Bicentennial Photo Calendar:
Photographers are hard at work in preparation for the June publication date for our 16-month photo calendar to be offered for sale during the bicentennial.  Expected price in the $9.95-$10.95 range.
Time Capsule: Considerable discussion has ensued over this issue, but ultimately the committee decided that it would not attempt a time capsule. Major concerns were expressed that the concept of a time capsule has been overtaken by the age of technology.
Living History Faire:
The committee has begun exploring the possibility of presenting a "living history faire" in the spring of 2000. We are presently contacting individuals with specific knowledge in the wherewithal of creating such an event.  We are looking for persons who are versed in the demonstration of the culture and crafts of the later 18th century through the middle of the 19th century.  We are similarly looking for an appropriate site for this event.
County Motorcoach /Self-Drive Tours:
Committee members are hard at work developing a day-long motorcoach tour of Adams County to be offered to service clubs and organization.  The tour will be narrated, and will include a stop for lunch at one of the county's historic inns.  The Research Committee is helping on this project.  An off-shoot of this project will be an upgrade of several self-driving tours that presently exist.

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