Adams County Bicentennial
   Committee Newsletter

PO Box 3803
Gettysburg, PA 17325

May 1999

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Bicentennial Committee
  Harry P. Seifert

Executive Committee
  Carol A. Hegeman
  Charles H. Glatfelter
  Herbert A. Phelps
  David J. Hoffman
  Eloise M. Swales

Promotion Committee
  Jacqueline D. White
Program Committee
  Donald E. Smith
Research Committee
  A. Roger Gobbel
Education Committee
  W. Lance Landauer
  William K. Foreman
At Large
  Chester G. Schultz
Honorary Chair
  Jacob M. Sheads

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Chairman's Message:
     Planning has gone very well as we continue to work toward the opening of our celebration.  There is much to look forward to, and being involved is indeed a thrill.
     Our major task now is to raise the funds needed to accomplish our plan.  Here again, I expect that we will be very successful because of the hard work, help, and support of all of you.
               Harry Seifert

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Adams County Bicentennial participates in "Local Legacies" Project of the Library of Congress
     Both Adams County and the Library of Congress will celebrate their 200th anniversary in the year 2000. In commemoration the LOC created  a national Local Legacies Project.  James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress says "This is a National Celebration [of our local legacies] and the important role they play in our society".
       Like our local Bicentennial
Celebration, the Local Legacies project is designed to document and pay tribute to our rich cultural heritage.  The purpose is to foster community projects ensuring that future generations will have access to important cultural "snapshots of American tradition, folklore and everyday life". So it is a
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Future Meetings:
Executive Committee:
May 25, 1999 7:00pm
Adams County Historical Society
Program Committee:
May 10, 1999 7:00pm
St. James Church

Research Committee:
May 23, 1999 2:30pm
Adams County Historical Society

Education Committee:
May 5, 1999
Biglerville Elem.

Promotion Committee:
May 25, 1999 1:00pm
Dobbin House

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Elementary Principals meet to discuss Bicentennial- from left: Herb Phelps, ACBC; Bill Shoemaker, Rolling Acres; Ron Ebbert, Bendersville; Joan Peck, Eisenhower; Eric Eshbach, Biglerville; Roger Murrill, Keefauver; Jack Inskip, Fairfield; Bill Foreman, ACBC.

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