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Library of  Congress Local Legacies
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natural that our Bicentennial Celebration has been accepted as part of this project.  Our anniversary was submitted to the LOC by Rep. Bill Goodling, Congressman of the 19th Congressional District.
     For nearly two centuries the LOC, the nation's library, has held millions of pieces of the country's cultural heritage in their collection.  As one of the selected Local Legacies, the Adams County Bicentennial will join the collections in the American Folklife Center and be preserved by the LOC for generations to come.  It will be available to researchers and lifelong learners as a representative example of the culture of Adams County.  Some of the materials will be placed in a special section of the Library's popular Web site at www.loc.gov.
Promotion Committee: The Promotion Committee released a press release on the Bicentennial acceptance of the Library of Congress Local Legacies Project.  Chairperson Jacqueline White spoke of this project with Time Lambert on WGET Radio.  The June 19th Brass Band Festival Brochure (an official Bicentennial event) is at the printers and includes a reference to the Bicentennial Band Concert on June 20.
     Sponsorships: Letters to over 1,000 businesses have been sent asking for monetary support. A breakfast was recently held and letters sent to another 100 community leaders with a pledge card of Bicentennial projects. Additional fundraisers are being planned.
     Speakers Bureau:  The list has been revamped and is now available. It lists all speakers and their subjects.
     Bicentennial brochures:  Zeal Hinkle of New Oxford has graciously completed 100 brochure boxes for the Bicentennial.  These boxes, filled with Bicentennial brochures have been placed at the major county grocery stores, post offices, banks and other highly visited buildings.
     GS Communications Public Service Announcement:  A list of possible county places to photograph has been given to them from the Promotion Committee. Filming is to begin May 18th.
     Brochure Booth: To be displayed throughout the year at various county festivals, the booth will be refitted for the Brass Band Festival June 19th.
     Bicentennial Collectibles: T-shirts, hats, pens, lapel pins, Christmas ornaments, keychains, mugs, decals, golf balls and balloons have been ordered with the Bicentennial logo adorning them. In addition, several consignment items are in the works.
     Bicentennial Web Site: The layout design is complete and the data processing has begun. This includes a timeline with information supplied by the Research Committee.

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