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Dine in Gettysburg's Oldest, Most
Historic House.  Built in 1776.
Gettysburg, PA

Beautiful accommodations ideally  situated to overlook the spot where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address and within walking distance of the National Park Service Visitors Center and most major attractions.

Stay at your own 12 acre farm with 11 room historically decorated  1858 farmhouse. Located on the east slope of Little Round Top made famous in the movie "Gettysburg."

The story of Adams County, from the days of Indian raids to the development plans of today, spreads over two centuries. But our area is best known for just three days of that time, July 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 1863 - the Battle of Gettysburg. Though the conflict ended well over a century ago, each year nearly 2 million people make the pilgrimage to this venerable site, the largest battlefield shrine in America with over 1,000 monuments and cannon and over 40 miles of scenic avenues. They come to see for themselves the spot where thousands fought and died for their "cause", the spot where President Lincoln spoke and still speaks to us today.

Why do they come here? Because of the drama and courage of all the men who fought here and our curiosity to answer questions like:

  • What would cause these Americans to kill their fellow countrymen?
  • Why were the casualties so high?
  • What was life like for Johnny Reb and Billy Yank?
  • What was July 1863 like for the 2,400 townspeople of Gettysburg?
  • How do we, today, benefit from the heroism and valor of these soldiers?

Do you have questions on the Battle of Gettysburg and Adams County?  Begin your journey to the answers here.

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The last time a soldiers remains were discovered on the Gettysburg battlefield was in 1996.
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This site is dedicated to the spirit of all the soldiers who fought here as a tribute to loyalty.