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New Visitors Center - Changes to the Plan in Response to Public Comments

To respond to public comments, Kinsley Equities has identified significant changes to its proposal including an approximately 45-50% reduction in the proposed related facilities for educational and visitor amenities. This includes an approximately 50% smaller National Geographic theater with a film that is not in the IMAX format; reducing the National Geographic store by approximately 15%; eliminating the proposed arts and crafts gallery; eliminating a gift shop; cutting food services by approximately 50% to the minimum size necessary to meet visitor needs; and using the proposed tour center for all varieties of educational tours with Licensed Battlefield Guides.

Welcome Center 22,500 SF unchanged
Museum 21,000 SF unchanged
Cyclorama 16,800 unchanged
Electric Map 10,300 SF unchanged
Administration 3,225 SF unchanged
Classrooms 1,750 SF unchanged
Public Library/Research 0 1,700 SF
Archives 14,900 SF unchanged
Eastern NPMA Book Store 6,500 SF unchanged
Common/Mechanical 7,300 SF unchanged
SUBTOTAL 104,275 SF 1,700 SF


National Geographic Theater & Lobby 21,375 SF reduce size about 50%; non IMAX format
National Geographic Store 3,050 SF reduce about 15% or combine with ENPMA store
Civil War Art/Crafts Gallery 2,445 SF Eliminate
Gift Store 2,550 SF Eliminate
Family oriented cafe & restaurant 12,125 SF Reduce size 50% to minimum needs. Investigate non-profit or foundation operation so cash flow is returned to Foundation or NPS
Tour Center   Open to diff. tour types (bike, walk, hist. vehicles) using Licensed Battlefield Guides
SUBTOTAL 41,525 SF Reduce related facilities about 45-50% in size, subject to final feasibility
BUILDING TOTAL 145,800 SF Reduce total building size by 15%, subject to final feasibility


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