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New Visitors Center - The Economic Concept

Under the proposal, Kinsley Equities would establish a new non-profit foundation, the Gettysburg National Battlefield Foundation.  The Foundation would have its own board of directors and would provide funding through fund-raising on behalf of NPS- grants and commercial financing to design, build and operate the new facilities through a cooperative agreement with NPS. Once the funding is secured, Kinsley Equities would be reimbursed for its out-of-pocket expenses for setting up the Foundation.

The Foundation would manage the new facility in cooperation with Eastern National, the non-profit corporation that already operates the bookstore and the Electric Map and Cyclorama Programs in cooperation with the park.  Each of the building tenants except the NPS would pay costs of operation and rent to the Foundation. The NPS would pay costs of operation only, not rent. The Foundation would use the rent money to pay down its mortgage, pay for building operating costs, maintenance, and create a replacement reserve for building systems. When the debt is paid, at the end of the term of agreement between the NPS and the Foundation, the building and the land would be donated to the NPS.

Net cash flow from operation of the Eastern National bookstore, Electric Map and Cyclorama programs would continue to go to Gettysburg National Military Park. Net cash flow from National Geographic would go to the non-profit National Geographic Society. Net cash flow from the tour center would go to licensed battlefield guides and to individual tour operators. Net cash flow from the restaurant and cafeteria is yet to be determined. Kinsley is investigating non-profits that may be able to operate food services in the new complex.

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