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April 1999


My historical roots lie deep in the native soils of Pennsylvania.  I did not know this until I started researching my father's father and grandfather.  On a research whim, I visited Gettysburg.  What I found was not only my family's history, but the soul of our nation's heritage and the pain of understanding the full price of freedom.

During a few hot, humid July days two years ago,  I experienced the emotional, agonizing, yet proud history of Gettysburg.  It was over whelming to my senses and well beyond my thirst for family heritage.  I was not prepared to feel the horror and honor of Gettysburg.  I will never, nor due I want to, forget this most moving event in my life.  The pain of both honor and tragedy.

This fall, I plan to return with my 75 year old father. a WWII veteran, to reintroduce his roots in Pennsylvania.   He was a young man when last he saw the colorful autumn leaves of a Pennsylvania hillside.  He has never seen, nor felt Gettysburg.  It is my honor and proud heritage to share with him the glory and human loss of Gettysburg.

Thanks to the City of, and the National Park Services for making Gettysburg, an historic chapter in our American Heritage, the legacy called Gettysburg.

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