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March 2001


Dear Sir,

  For the past 9 years I have attended the truck show in Carlisle, PA. Every time I would go to it I always wanted to go to Gettysburg. Last year I took the time to go there.  Let me tell you it was quite a moving experience to say the least. We took the auto tour and the guy ahead of us must have been quite a civil war buff. He was explaining all the different events to his family. I live in Rochester N.Y. and it is amazing how close the Rebels could have come to N.Y. thank god they were defeated there. I can't believe the number of men whom died there. To stand there and try to imagine the scene is incredable. Some times I question the way that the government spends our tax dollars but preserving this battlefield is well spent. Please keep up the good work your community is breathtaking. I drive tractor trailer and occasionally deliver to Savage Maryland. On route 83 I pass an exit where you can go to either Gettysburg or Lancaster. Talk about living right near paradise. While we were on vacation we also visited Lancaster and Hershey.  I am absolutely fed up with the taxes in N.Y. and love to relocate in the Carlisle, Harrisburg area. This summer we are going to visit the civil war museum in Harrisburg. Once again thank you for providing such a beautiful place to visit.


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