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June 2000


One day, I finally visited the place I'd been wanting to see for so long.  The very next day, I took off work and took my mom and sister along for their first visit.   Ever since, we have visited every chance we get, about once a month.  In fact, we all become very unhappy if too much time goes by between visits.  Each and every time we are struck with the "Gettysburg Experience" .  A place of such sadness and beauty, such sorrow, yet such friendliness.  We literally spend hours talking about how passionately other "regulars" feel about this place.  How time seems to suspend mesmerizing an experience it remains.  Whether we're doing some shopping or reflecting on the price paid for freedom, we are consistently pleased and amazed by the haunting call of Gettysburg.  Some one remarked..."it just gets in your blood"  and it's true and after hours of explorations, we always feel there's more to do, to see, to learn.  We commend you, and the merchants and residents of Gettysburg, for preserving the honor of this sacred, hallowed ground and for making all who visit know that they have been treated to an exceptional moment in time. 

- from Ocean, NJ

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