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Dine in Gettysburg's Oldest, Most
Historic House.  Built in 1776.
Gettysburg, PA

Beautiful accommodations ideally  situated to overlook the spot where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address and within walking distance of the National Park Service Visitors Center and most major attractions.

Stay at your own 12 acre farm with 11 room historically decorated  1858 farmhouse. Located on the east slope of Little Round Top made famous in the movie "Gettysburg."


Throughout the year, thousands of reenactors, portraying both Union and Confederate, turn the clock back to July, 1863 for the visitors who come to Gettysburg Priding themselves on authenticity, these dedicated living-history historians recreate Civil War life as closely as possible to the real thing.  Having spent hundreds of hours on training and thousands of dollars on period clothing and weaponry, they love to share their extensive knowledge of the daily routine of a Civil War Soldier to the visiting public.

Reenactments are a thrill to experience.  With flags waving, horses hooves thundering, cannons roaring and rifles cracking forth thick black powder smoke, reenactments of infantry, cavalry and artillery units provide battle scenarios that are reminiscent of Napoleonic war tactics, the popular fighting style of the day.

In an encampment, the time-traveler hobbyists bring to life the sights, sounds and smells of a Civil War camp.  Here visitors experience this era of American history first-hand as they closely inspect a Civil War soldier to see how he is dressed, feel where he is sleeping, smell what he is eating and laugh at how he relaxes when off duty.   Interpretive and interactive drill demonstrations are programs for both children and adults evoke the military and the human elements of a soldier's life.

Camp life offers serenades by period musicians - Regimental bands, fife and drum corps and lonely soldiers singing of home with some of the best patriotic-rousing and heart-wrenching songs America has ever produced.  Also present at various encampments are religious clergy, signal corps, black soldiers and the popular medical corps who sometimes "demonstrate" an amputation.

And women are active reenactors too!  They portray the many valuable deeds ladies pursued in the camps.  Besides cooking they made clothes, rolled bandages, tended to the wounded, assisted in the operating room and wrote letters for the soldiers to loved ones back home.  Many wives were left to do the farm or other work alone.  There are a few-lady reenactor fighting soldiers just as their counterparts had done during the war.

In a Sutler Camp (19th century traveling salesman) you can buy a large array of authentic and reproduction merchandise.  If you are in luck, you might even witness a real Civil War wedding.

Visitors to Gettysburg should not be surprised to see Civil War era clothing being worn anywhere in the area.  In fact, during the Remembrance Day celebration in November, it is possible to see more people in period clothing than in modern attire on the streets of Gettysburg.

Calendar of Living History Events

Map of Living History Event Locations
The principle sites for the Living History programs in and surrounding the town of Gettysburg are located on this map.

Pictures of Past Encampments and Reenactments in Gettysburg
As shown in our pictures, these living historians reenact life as it was for 19th century soldiers and their ladies.

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The 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg will be in 2013.
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This site is dedicated to the spirit of all the soldiers who fought here as a tribute to loyalty.