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The First Day II
Pictures taken July 3, 1998 at the 135th Reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.



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Attempting to get a picture of the front of a member of the 5th Michigan Regimental Band is a bit of a challenge.  But the melodic music from their authentic Civil War instruments enveloped the crowd. Notice the bell of the horn pointed over the musicians back. This was to send the sound back to the marching column which followed the band.


Camille Cline and Linda Saunders, from Fairfield PA, represent the Civilians of the Town of Gettysburg 1861-1865. They research what it was like for the small town of 2,400 to suddenly host two battling armies of 160,000. Camille, is representing Mary McCurdy, the wife of the President of Gettysburg Railroad. Linda poses as Anna Aughinbaugh, the wife of a cabinet and coach maker in Gettysburg.

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A regimental band played a large role in boosting the moral of the soldiers with its hand-clapping, toe-tapping patriotic songs.   Here the 5th Michigan Regimental Band plays in the common style of the time - in a circle.


One advantage the reenactors have over the spectators at the reenactment is a place to lie down and take a quick nap.  Our camera caught this member of Col. Chamberlain's Staff and Field Command taking a break.

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Fife and drum corps such as this one inspired many a man on the front lines. The roll of the drums and shrill of the fifes add to the excitement that fills the air of the reenactment.
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As though transformed back 135 years, two well dressed ladies converse about the latest news of their husband's fate while away at war.


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