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The Second Day - Life at Camp I
Pictures taken July 4, 1998 at the 135th Reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.



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Sometimes when we would turn around, we'd see a scene that would transport
us back 135 years and for a second we were there. Such was this view of the Confederate Camp.
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We knew our viewers would enjoy some pictures of the 35,000 spectators who attended the events each day. Although that is quite a crowd, the area was so large that it wasn't too crowded.

  Kudos goes to the event staff, like Dave who towers over the crowd as he drives a tractor pulling a wagon of reenactors to another area of the camp.
070398cc0213.JPG (4219 bytes) blank1.gif (49 bytes) Lt. Col. Fremantle, an Englishman in attendance with the Confederate Army during the Battle of Gettysburg, was given a starring role in the movie "Gettysburg".
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Another popular band, the 2nd Carolina String Band, plays in the large program tent. Bales of straw provided
comfortable and welcome sitting
while enjoying the show.

070498jd0110.JPG (3981 bytes) Pat Giglioth, of Plano, TX, was one of those taking a rest and enjoying the music. Her husband, with the 1st U. S. Infantry, started reenacting one and a half years ago. She finally decided to play the part of a soldiers wife but draws the line at sleeping under the stars. A hotel room awaited here this night. Asked why, as Texans, they joined the Union Army, she explained that she and her husband were both born in PA.

Ok, it was crowded along the viewing areas during the battles. But the spectator area was designed to surround almost the entire battlefield affording great views.

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An actor by trade, Brian Mallon of NY, NY continues the role of Gen. Hancock as he portrayed him in the movie "Gettysburg". He says he's looking forward to the "prequel" of that movie. Named "Gods and Generals", this movie by the same director, Ron Maxwell, is to begin filming next year.

  Art Richardson of the 40th PA Volunteer Infantry proudly portrays a regimental minister. He has an ancestor who was an army minister and who was present at the Battle of Gettysburg.  Art is from Pittsburgh, PA.


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