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The Second Day - Camp Life II
Pictures taken July 4, 1998 at the 135th Reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.



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A view within the Confederate Camp during dinnertime as an artillery
crew eats in the foreground.
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Pt. Gary Lowry of Virginia Beach, VA, Princess Anne County eats a hearty meal to prepare him for the next battle with the 32nd VA Peninsula Artillery, Co. I.  He and his friends have been reenacting for several years. They were typical of the friendly folks we met at the reenactment. Reenactors, by nature, are kind, caring and always humorous folks who have a unique ability to combine good fellowship and adventurous fun with a spiritual passion for the history of their country.

  The large amount of equipment brought in by the reenactors reminds us of the difficulties the 1863 armies had in feeding their men.   Here the United States Sanitary Commission recreates a field soup kitchen.   They regularly feed soldiers who were recuperating.  At this reenactment, the Commission fed a couple hundred hungry men at no charge.
070498jd0210.JPG (8773 bytes)   Standing over the after-dinner coffee is Tony Underwood of Pilot Mt, NC. He is with the 21st NC Regiment but is camping in the Civilian Camp. This area houses soldiers who choose to camp with their families. (The Union and Confederate Camps house soldiers only) Tony is proud that his regiment actually reached the top of Cemetery Hill on July 2, 1863 but they didn't have enough reinforcements to take it from the Union. The regiment which started with nearly 2,000 men had only 80 left at the end of the war.  The reenactors of this regiment brought vials of NC dirt from each of the counties represented in the regiment. They held a solemn ceremony in honor of their namesake regiment where they mixed the NC soil with that of the Gettysburg battlefield and read the names of those long-gone but not forgotten soldiers.
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Roy Lehto of Boston, Mass portrays an Asst. Surgeon with the 32nd Mass Field Hospital. When we saw him he had just finished "amputating" some hands and feet that were in the bucket in front of him.   In real life Roy is an Army Nurse with the Mass. National Guard.  

Taking a break from his sutler tent, Bob Burton of Mt. View, AK joins some friends in camp to play a little violin music. (He's good too) His business, the Clearwater Hat Co., has been his full time job for 6 years.  He regularly attends reenactment of all American wars to sell his wares.

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Gerald, portraying Maj. Woodward, M.D., proudly displayed his Mierschime Pipe and other period items for us.  The collection of artifacts the reenactors have collected and have around their camps is astounding.   To see these pieces in use is much more educational and fun than when they are behind glass.  

At the 2nd Corps Field Hospital we found Gerald Hahn of Sun Pairie, Wisconsin. Like a modern MASH unit, this hospital would move to where it was most needed.  Wounded men would be attended on the field by medics and stretcher bearers would carry them back to the awaiting surgeons.


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