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The Third Day - Before Pickett's Charge
Pictures taken July 5, 1998 at the 135th Reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.




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Sunday's crowd was the largest and only ticket holders could get in to see the 135th anniversary reenactment of Pickett's Charge. We estimate there were a total of 95,000 spectators viewing the 3 day events and organizers state that about 15,000 reenactors, some from Canada, Hawaii, Europe and Australia came here just to be a part of the largest reenactment in America. Photo by Nick Gilson, Salt Lake City, UT
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The crowd's excitement grew as thousands of Union troops began to march onto the field and even more Confederate troops could be seen forming a mile away through the woods. blank1.gif (49 bytes)

George Pickett, the great-great grandson of the General whose name is most associated with the famous Civil War charge, attends the reenactment to honor his ancestor and soldiers of both sides.

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Despite the heat, heavy traffic and sometimes long waits, the overwhelming sentiment from the hundreds of reenactors and spectators who have written us state that these inconveniences were worth it to experience this incredible historic event.
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George Lomis, one of the event organizers, presents a check to President Dennis Frye of the Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites. A portion of the proceeds from this reenactment were donated to this preservation group. Patrick Falci looks on.

Patrick Gorman rode around to talk to the spectators as they awaited the reenactment battle. Patrick starred as General John Hood in the film "Gettysburg". Patrick will again return to star in Director Ron Maxwell's movie, "Gods and General".

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Patrick Falci made an appearance at the 135th reenactment to again portray Lt. General A. P. Hill, whom he played in the movie "Gettysburg". It was A. P. Hill's Division that started off the Battle of Gettysburg while advancing toward the town looking for supplies. Look to see Pat in next years filming of the movie "Gods and Generals". Based on the book of the same name and written by the same family who wrote "Killer Angels" (on which the movie "Gettysburg" was based) this new movie will be filmed locally in MD.

As the crowd awaited that start of the battle, Michael Phipps, a Licensed Battlefield Guide explained an overview of the events of the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Behind him is Glenn LaBoeuf, one of the reenactor coordinators.


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