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The Third Day - After Pickett's Charge
Pictures taken July 5, 1998at the 135th Reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.




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Randy Phiel, one of the event organizers, overlooks the field after Pickett's Charge. He was as impressed by the spectacle of the thousands of soldiers reenacting the famous charge as was the audience. Randy is a Gettysburg National Military Park ranger for the National Park Service. Richard Varish, supervisor of Freedom Township and State Senator Terry Punt, both of whom were instrumental in the governmental approval process, were on hand to witness this historic event.
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As part of the days activities and to keep visitors from leaving all at once, events were scheduled after Pickett's Charge. Here, Union and Confederate Artillery batteries fired live, full scale Civil War mortars, an event spectators rarely have an opportunity to experience anywhere. A competition was held to see who could fire their 17 pound shells closest to a target set at 100 yards.

Another after Pickett's Charge event was musical entertainment with a Civil War string band and here, fife and drum band. Over 2,000 new songs were written during the Civil War with the music's purpose to spark the patriotic fever of the citizenry and inspired the men going into battle.

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The sutlers (Civil War merchants) enjoyed a brisk business after Pickett's Charge as thousands walked their rows of white tents to view and purchase a wide assortment of interesting and delectable period ware.

Our congratulations to Jesse Hughart and all the other people who served as staff for the 135th reenactment. Jesse was one of 50 people controlling traffic at 15 different intersections on rural two-land roadways.

070598ak20.jpg (7877 bytes)  The American nursing profession arose as a result of the Civil War and one group called themselves the Sanitary Commission. Here they created a cozy tent to be their home away from home. During the Civil War the Commission tended thousands of wounded soldiers and saved many lives.
It took over 450 event staff and many outside people to bring about the weekend activities and we feel they all did a splendid job. From the event organizers to medical and security personnel, from government officials to the local and state tourism offices, from all the reenactors to the local citizens of the area, THANK YOU!


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