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Custer vs. Stuart I
Pictures taken July 1, 1998 at the 135th Reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.



On July 3rd, 1863 General Lee ordered the bulk of his army to attack just outside the town of Gettysburg. Meanwhile, he ordered his cavalry, led by General "Jeb" Stuart, to attack the rear of the Union line when they retreated from Longstreet's assault (Pickett's Charge).
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Excitement can be felt in the air as the first living historians arrive to the reenactment site. Here the cavalry begins to descend on the battleground just as they did 135 years ago east of Gettysburg. The horses look splendid and ready for action.

An alert Union cavalry, discovering Stuart's plan, rode to meet the Southern forces. In the background of this picture, you can see the white tents of the sutler area and get an idea of just how much land this battlefield covers.
This is the last year Chris Pennington of Martinsburg, WV will sit and watch his father, Mark, and his friend, Richard Byrd on the battlefield. Next year, when he turns 16, he will be able to join them. By that time he will be well trained as he will have been reenacting for 10 years. This living history hobby has brought many families, like the Penningtons, closer to each other. They reenact once or twice a month. blank1.gif (49 bytes) reenactment
Cavalry is the horse mounted branch of the army. Their objective is the same as the other army branches - to destroy the enemy. They attack when mounted or as seen here when they dismount. Then one out of every four horsemen holds four horses. The other three men get off their horses to fire their carbines and pistols on foot.


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