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Custer vs. Stuart II
Pictures taken July 1, 1998 at the 135th Reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.



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Riding with the cavalry attracts a large number of reenactors. They look glamorous and dashing as they perform their important military duties. General Stuart was typical when he scouted the southern Pennsylvania area, foraged for food and captured enemy supplies.

Riding with the Union Cavalry Division at Gettysburg was a young George A. Custer. He helped to attack Stuart by galloping forward into the enemy with saber in hand.
Here gleaming steel sabers clang, pistols fire, men shout and horses rear as the battle ensues. This is as dangerous as it looks, yet the men and horses are well trained and drilled to portray history while not hurting the other side.

A Union soldier watches as his fellow soldiers fight. He awaits the bugler to sound the call to send him into battle. One can only imagine what he is thinking at this time.

The battle continues as forces advance, fight, fall back, regroup and advance again. The Union Cavalry pushed Stuart back and he never reached his objective. It didn't matter, though, as Longstreet's assault didn't either.
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Jim Graber, left, of Massillon, Ohio has long been a student of the Civil War and he wasn't about to miss any of this historic reenactment. He brought with him his daughter, Heidi Hall, right, and granddaughter, Shannon, center. They received all their reenactment information over the internet on gettysburg.com.


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