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lhlogo.gif (6955 bytes)The Second Day - Up Close With the Reenactors
Pictures taken July 2nd, 2001 at the 137th Reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.



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"Xavier, standing on the right, came all the way from Switzerland to visit Gettysburg and the 2000 Battle Reenactments."

"Reenactors Frederick and Bill came from Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, Virginia, respectively, to contribute to the spectacular Reenactments."

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"Best-selling Civil War author, Jeff Shaara, advertises his new novel 'Gone for Soldiers' at the Gettysburg Reenactments."

"Members of the 2000 Reenactment staff who helped put it all together."

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"Reenactors Amy Evans from Berwick, PA,
 and Keri Lynn Myers from Hazelton, PA,
posing for the camera."

"Capt. Jerry Aldhizer and Peggy Aldhizer, who have been married 38 years, came to Gettysburg to participate in the Reenactments from Goodview, VA."

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"Reenactor Jeff Bower, from Roanoke, VA, stands in uniform."

"Thomas Hayman from Maryland stands in reenactor uniform."

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"All from New Jersey, Jim, Jeff, and Brad came to reenact in the 2000 Gettysburg Battle Reenactments."

"Lady reenactor fixes a soldiers uniform without the help of modern day sewing machines."


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