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Pictures taken July 6th, 2001 during the 138th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.



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The Confederate Camp prepares for the Opening Skirmish-Herr's Ridge
battle of the first day of the 2001 Reenactments.


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.Chris Chapman of Lancaster, New York poses next to a cannon during his second year of reenacting.

.Mark Moore of Glenolden,
Pennsylvania and Al Haney of
Parksbury, Pennsylvania.

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Several soldiers were needed to ready the cannon for firing.

.The horses also need to take
a rest in the shade.



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.Chris O'Brien of New Jersey and Gene Hale of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
attempt to start a campfire.

. .
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These reenactors, all from central
North Carolina, always seem happy
to pose for a roving photographer.

.Reenactors from Maryland rest at their campsite in between battles.

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Starting a fire to cook a meal...much more difficult back then as Carl Emanuel, from Baltimore, Maryland of the 2nd Maryland Company A, learns.

.Arthur Sherry of the 13th North Carolina Light Artillery relaxes in camp.

. .
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Tents of the ladies who provide for Confederate Generals,
such as make meals and mend clothing.

.Greg Young and Justin Breigh of
Cobbs Legion states "We just
kicked some Yankee ass."


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BB, owned by Mike Satterwhite, takes a well deserved drink of water!

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.Alicia and John Miller (left) of the
22nd Virginia and Al and Pat Avery
of the 8th Virginia (right).

.A private in the 44th Virginia Longstreets Corps carries a
reproduction Enfield rifle made in Italy.


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