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Pictures taken July 6th, 2001 during the 138th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.



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.General Lee and Lieutenant General Longstreet happily listen to and answer
visitors questions at the July reenactment.

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.Diane Fait and her daughter Lanita from Manon, PA portrays a young slave girl in which she cooked over hot fires for Longstreets staff.  It was often unspoken, but many times Generals would have children as slave girls.

.A young girl enjoys petting the horse of Jim A. Choate who portrays Confederate Sergeant Major John Butler on Longstreets staff.

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.Actor Patrick Gorman is seen here portraying General John Bell Hood as he has been doing for more than 8 years. He performed in the movie "Gettysburg" and will also performed in "Gods and Generals".  Mr. Gorman enjoys the respect and admiration he receives, not for himself, but for the great man he portrays.

.Benjamin Black, of Fairfield, PA, portrayed General Meade as the living historian. There was yet another man who portrayed General Meade as the on on the battlefield with his troops.

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Thousands of visitors strolled through the food
area over the course of the weekend.


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