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Pictures taken July 7th, 2001 during the 138th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.



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Erica and Kent Courtney are well known musicians in the Gettysburg area.  They provided entertainment for visitors in the Sutler Area and the Living History Tent. Click
below and you may watch a short video of them playing Lehigh Valley Polka. 

To watch an 360K .mpg movie, click here.  (You must have a media player to view movies)

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After the Battle of Little Round Top the Regimental Band of the 46th PA Infantry performed many songs including "Annie of the Vail" which you may view by clicking below.  Some young reenactors like these enjoy playing music since they are not old enough to perform
on the battlefield.

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Kirsten Johnson from Frewsburg, NY portrayed a young Union soldier. Below you may watch a short video of her playing her wooden instrument.  Kirsten is in the Headquarters 3rd Cor, Army of the Potomac.  When she grew old, a musician like Kirsten may have been trained to use her talents to give command signals to troops in camp and on the battlefield.

Dana Myers enjoys hearing her daughter, Clara play music on her lap.  From  New York, they participate in the 5th Virginia with the Union Army.



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