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Pictures taken July 7th, 2001 during the 138th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.



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.Violet Kyryluk from Westland, MI shows off her beautiful dress.  Many dresses you see have been researched, recreated, and hand crafted themselves.

Originally from Spain, Blanca Gonzalez and her daughter Diana say "The reenactments are one of the best way to truly learn about the history of America."

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"Pretty in Pink", this lady sits in the shade at the Artillery Headquarters of Alexander's Battalion in the
Confederate Camp.

Carol Ann Schmidt gives a ladies wear demonstration in the Living History tent.  The show highlighted women's fashions of the 1860's as well as the women's many layers of undergarments.

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From Arlington, VA weaver Ellen DeCarlo makes and sells hand woven
textiles for the home.

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.Jackie Martin of the 2nd Maryland Company C in the Confederate Camp.

.Seamtress Catherine Siny
from outside Philadelphia.

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.Dyanne Hott representing Lt. General A.P. Hill Monument Fund.

.Mrs. Wayne Bohl of Belair, Maryland.

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.Elaine Parry of Clarksburg, Maryland sits at the spinning wheel.

Becki Feeser-Powell prepares a meal for the Union soldiers before they get back from battle.


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