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Pictures taken July 8th, 2001 during the 138th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.



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.Gary Keefer of Gettysburg and Jennifer Fisher and Bill Zaspel of Delaware stroll through the Sutler Area.

.The 2nd South Carolina String Band provides entertainment for those viewing the Sutler Area.

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.This Civil War photographer spends a lot more time developing and taking his pictures than a modern-day photographer would.

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This military outfit was on display at the Liberated Goods tent.  At a typical Sutler's tent you may find such items as guns, hats, period clothing, horse tack, hard candy, photographs and molasses cookies for sale.


Jim Griffin of Baltimore, Maryland is seen here operating an 1870
Vesa sewing machine.

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Judy Hoover displays her wares at Village Tinsmithing Works. Her items would have been important to the troops.

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.John Buchheister "The Maryland Sutler".  Many Sutler's were under appreciated because people didn't realize the risk of being raided or cleaned out by a party of men in the regiment, or by the possibility of war related injury of death.



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.Sutler's would always display their wares in an enticing manner as Bruce Hoordzy of Ironman Forge does.

.Bruce is seen here working at the Ironman Forge.


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