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Pictures taken August 8, 2003 during the 140th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.



Sometimes the setting in the military camps on this 1,200 acre site, looks exactly as it must have during the real Battle of Gettysburg, 140 years ago.
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This year's bivouac created a town with a population larger than the Borough of Gettysburg. It was 2 miles north of Gettysburg in the beautiful rolling countryside of Adams County, Pennsylvania.
The area looks much the same today as it did in 1863.

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This pristine woodland setting was part of the Confederate Camp. Corp. Johnathan Rachels
and his horse Seven (left) and Lt. Ernie Humphrey and his horse Blackjack (right),
both of the Waterbury Scouts, ride out to their unit.


At the three day reenactment, the 10,000 reenactor historians required eight 6,000 gallon tankers of water, 40 dump trucks of firewood, and 4 tractor trailers of ice.

The warm August days are a great time to enjoy a cool, refreshing 19th century snack.   But even in the 1800's, there are always dishes to be done.
In the Civilian Camp, the whole family lines up to go through the buffet-style line of food.  

An exact replica of a supply wagon at the Texas Brigade camp.


When you walk around the Living History Camps, you encounter hundreds of individual soldiers and civilians who are happy to share their Civil War knowledge and experiences.


About 515 living history horses attended this year.  Many of them are reenactment veterans.
Over 2,500 bales of hay were brought in for them.


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