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Pictures taken August 8, 2003 during the 140th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.



Always popular with the crowd, emergency services tents show in graphic detail the
procedures of medical care during the Civil War. 27,000 men were wounded during the
1863 Battle of Gettysburg.

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Looking splendid in their uniforms are Aaron Conklin, age 20, of Gettysburg (left); Devin Doutson, age 18, of California (middle); and Ryan Conklin, age 18, (right) of the 114th PA Zouaves. 
Asked why they chose to dress as Zouaves, they replied "to get chicks!"


General Armistead of the 12th Virginia Brigade, Company B, Longstreets Division. He is known for his legendary courage of leadership in Picketts Charge. He's the one always pictured with his hat atop his saber.

Few know that the infamous General George Custer fought at Gettysburg in the Second Brigade of the Cavalry Corps. Did you know that Mary Lincoln's brother fought here too, for the south?

General Robert E. Lee and Young Union General Jacob Machuga.  Jacob is 9 years old and from Addison, NY.  Because of the
love of the Civil War, his grandmother
handmade his period clothing for this visit.

Ray Pickett of Belrose, NY is the great-great-great grandnephew of General Pickett.  Ray is with the 57th Virginia Company B.  This regiment was in Pickett's Division, which went over the wall with General Armistead.


Mike Dawes from Dallas, TX.  Mike usually depicts the 9th Texas, but since they
were not at Gettysburg he joined the
114th PA Zouaves.

  Here a young boy is handed the soldier' rifle for a close-up look.  The reenactment is a fun way for youngsters to be educated about American history, but we won't tell them that.

Tent programs featured the Commanders of the North and the South discussing their plans and strategies for the upcoming battles.

We don't know who he is, but we love the way he blows his bugle. He definitely caught the attention of the crowd.   The Civil War Weddings on the program are for real.  Many of these couples met at reenactments.

Hardcore reenactors can each spend up to $6,000 to get out-fitted.  Authenticity is of utmost importance. They sure 'cut a pretty figure'!

  Chuck Untersee, with his wife Anita,  is currently directing the movie "Rebel Private", based on a book by William Fletcher of the
Texas Brigade.


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