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Pictures taken August 8, 2003 during the 140th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.



Artillery pieces arrive from distance areas by tractor trailer. Over 100 full-scale cannon participated in this year's reenactment. About 50,000 spectators came this year.  To assure their safety and comfort, reenactment organizers prepared for over a year.
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Bulletin boards held program schedules,  maps and other pertinent information for visitors.


This year there were two large Activity Tents.  Each held a different program every hour.

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Spectator stands are available for great viewing of the battles. To watch an 966K .mpg movie, click here.  (You must have a media player to view movies)   The battle viewing line reached a mile long. To watch an 527K .mpg movie, click here.  (You must have a media player to view movies)
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Traffic lines are always a part of large events.  At the reenactment, they are easy to avoid when visitors arrive early and leave late by enjoying the many activities presented by the reenactors. 
The organizers provided parking for 45,000 cars.


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