Mary Jemison

Adams County teenager abducted by Indians in 1758

Remembering her on the 250th Anniversary after her capture.

Sponsored by the Biglerville Historical and Preservation Society

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The Taking of Mary Jemison is historical artist Robert Griffing's masterful painting depicting that fateful day in April of 1758. Print courtesy of Lord Nelson's Gallery

Main Event

Early American Festival

Saturday, April 5, 2008
10am to 3pm

St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church and Buchanan Valley Fire Company Community Hall

Born aboard ship en route from Ireland, Mary Jemison (née Jameson) was just 15 when she was abducted in 1758 from her Buchanan Valley home. While her Shawnee captors killed other members of her family, they spared Mary, later trading her to a Seneca Nation where she was adopted by two Seneca women.

After the war Mary lived on with her Seneca family, becoming a leading member of the tribe. She was twice married to Seneca chiefs and acquired substantial property in New York state. Although she had chances later in life to leave the Seneca, she chose not to. Mary died at the age of 90.

Mary Jemison was born Mary Jameson. How did she become known as Mary Jemison?  Mary turned down several opportunities to return to white society, even going so far as to hide from those who would take her back. Why did she refuse to return?

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Marian Benchoff tells the story of Mary Jemison in A Girl Named Mary.  Interesting to audiences aged 10 through 100.

March 31, 6:30pm, Arendtsville Library, 1 Chestnut St, Arendtsville     677-0444

Sponsored by the Adams County Library System

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