Mary Jemison

Adams County teenager abducted by Indians in 1758

Remembering her on the 250th Anniversary after her capture.

Sponsored by the Biglerville Historical and Preservation Society

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April 5th Vendor Form

On April 5, 2008 from 10 am to 3 pm, we will honor the interesting life of Mary Jemison on the date that is exactly 250 years after she was taken from Adams County, Pennsylvania. The event is entitled Remembering Mary Jemison and it will be held at the St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church and the Buchanan Valley Fire Company Community Hall. Maryís statue stands at the church and a brief opening ceremony will held at that location at 10 am.  Both the venues are 2.2 miles east of the intersection of Routes 30 and 234.

We are contacting you to request your participation. At the church, we plan to have seating where attendees can hear lecturers who will provide details of her life and there will also be a childrenís area there where activities will be held for them.   At the fire company hall there will be a drumming circle and an area for traditional dances. Demonstrators and vendors are needed at the fire company hall and tables will be available for you to demonstrate and you may sell goods. There is no cost to you to participate but if you sell goods, we ask that you make a donation at days end to the Buchanan Valley Fire Company who provided the hall for our use at no cost. 
An outdoor camping area at the home of Richard Cole (adjacent to the church) is available for you if you wish to camp and stay a few extra days to tour other Adams County history as the Gettysburg National Military Park is nearby.
lease let us know if you plan to attend, give a brief description of your area of expertise (send a bio and picture if you have one) and let us know how many tables are needed. The tables in the fire company hall are about 10-12 feet long and 36 inches wide.  Please respond by March 1 if you plan to attend.

If you have questions, you may call Debra McCauslin at 717-528-8553 or Donald Hockenberry at 717-677-8026.

 Venders and Reenacter Memo of Agreement

Contact Persons Name:

Company name:


Telephone/cell phone number for confirmation:

Please describe the trade goods for sale. For reenacters please describe the time period in history of your program and give a brief descriptment of the lay out of your program setting. Remember our historical time period is Eastern Early Colonial/ the French and Indian War Period. No tipis please! Up to 3 tables and 5 chairs will be provided for each vender. Indicate your preference for in or out of doors setup in your description.

For either program please include all those participating.

The reenacter encampment will be located next to the fire hall. No vehicles will be permitted on the grass area. Unloading of supplies will be located on the pavement in front of the firehouse engine doors.

Cooking fires will be permitted. No live firearms, black powder or alcohol is permitted at either site location. Because the camping-demonstration area is open to the public please consider all safety precautions.

I am in agreement with providing a donation to the Buchanan Valley Fire Department.

Signed: _______________________________________  Date:____________________                                                                                               

Please return to Don Hockenberry at 1286 Center Mills Road, Aspers PA 17304

Help Us with this Remembrance

We need financial assistance to reach local people about Mary's story. If youíre interested in becoming involved or learning more about Mary Jemison, contact Deb McCauslin at (717) 528-8553 or by email at 

Checks may be mailed to:

Mary Jemison Committee, c/o Bigerlerville Historical and Preservation Society, P.O. Box 656, Biglerville, PA 17307