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"The Battle of Gettysburg" by Malcolm Conroy

The setting 3rd July

A young soldier never been in battle, his first action on a hot summers day. Pickets charge and his first encounter with General Armistead

I reflect back over the years
The good times I had
The laughter and tears
Here I am on a summer morn
Miles from home
My life torn

Another mothers son out on his own
Eager for battle, man how I’ve grown
The glory of war so I’ve been told
The glory, the medals, how good it all seems
A part of me and my dreams

Another mothers son just sixteen
Ready for battle eager as can be
Not thinking of life
Nor thinking of ones self
Just thinking of glory
And no one else

At the break of day
On the third of July
I awake from my dreams
To a clear blue sky
Cannons explode all around
Very very close with a deafening sound
Not knowing face my first battle today
Never fired my gun, getting a little afraid

Another mother’s son looks across this field seeking the enemy
Seeing if they are real
Across this field about a mile away
The blue coat army are fixing to stay
Our cannons fire at them all the time
Can’t hear no shouts see no break in lines
After hours our cannons stop and we all stare
Is this the start of our worse nightmare

Our General rides by and stops to say
Think of old Virginia on this your day
The words he said got a hold
Feeling better of what he told

Another mother’s son looks across this field
A mile away is our destiny
With a mighty roar we start to march
To success or to infinity
All is quiet as we move along
Not a gun to be heard
No horrible sounds

We reach this fence what’s in are way
Climb the railings on this summer’s day
As we do so all hell breaks out
Guns firing bombs explode
Men go down with screams and shouts

Smoke around us we’ve lost our way
No were to go just complete disarray
A voice comes out this smoke filled field
Follow me boys stands this human shield
A giant man with sword in hand
His hat on his sword we took our stand

We followed him into the jaws of death
Not knowing if it’s our last breath
Kill or be killed was the menu of the day
On this great and saddened day
Near the cannon this General went down
Not a murmur not a sound
I looked around not fired a shot
The enemy hit me with all he got
A burning feeling deep in my side
I went down and began to cry
The pain was bad I passed out
But began to hear men shout
As I opened my eyes so wide
I was in bed I was inside
The battle over my friends all gone
Not knowing were I was
Not knowing what I’ve done

Has I recover reflect over the days
I was lucky I was saved
A mass destruction all around
Blue and grey all a gone
Fellow brothers on both sides
Join in unity on the other side
Has the angel of death with a mighty sweep
Harvest its crop gathers its heap.

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