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Natalie Cufaro wrote the following poem and sent it to for publication:


He marched through the fields  
Beside his best friends
Not knowing at which moment
Their young lives could end.

Clutching his musket,
Taking orders from the head
To stand firm his ground
While stepping over the dead.

He trudged through the bullets
And thick veils of ice rain
As the oncoming shots
Put his worn body in pain.

As he walked on in silence
His comrades fell to the ground
With his coat torn and tattered !
And blood all around.

He tried with great strength
To stay brave, without fear
While cries of turmoil and grief
Rang loud in his ears.

The frightened young man
So hungry and cold
Had come face to face
With the enemy bold.

In a mass of confusion
He fought hard with his men
Praying to God
This would not happen again.

Soon the poor boy
Was completely alone
Desperately struggling !
To find his way home.

On unsteady legs
He stumbled through the ferns
Not looking back at the horror
Of fair Gettysburg.

By Natalie Cufaro

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