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What you'll find here: Email from visitors about visiting our historic town, from everyone about the Battle of Gettysburg and the Battlefield and from local citizens about Gettysburg and its surrounding communities.


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"Gettysburgiad" by Stephen Milioti  Epic Poem

Opinion:  3-Day trip to Gettysburg!

Comment: " will not be my last visit!"

"Gettysburg" by Natalie Cufaro:  Poem

Remarks: "...what Gettysburg is..."

Comment:  "...thoroughly enjoyed our 4 day stay"

Remarks:  "Freedom"

Comments:  "Great Trip"

"The Battle of Gettysburg" by Malcolm Conroy: Poem

Question: Where can I find a copy of the Gettysburg Address? Answer

When will the reenactments be held next summer?

"America:  The Good Neighbor" by Gordon Sinclair  Essay

"A Soldier's Wife" by Gina A. Brisby  Poem

"Unity" by Mickey Straub  Speech

Comment: A Native Pennsylvanian Returns

Comment: "...We commend you..."

Comment: "Thanks to all the people in and around the town."

Comment: "Moving Experience"



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