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Gettysburg Historic Downtown Offers a Non-Traditional Shopping Experience

Gettysburg, PA –February 29, 2012 – Mention shopping and most people think multi-story malls, catalogues, on-line or TV shopping. There was a time when shopping meant wandering down crowded streets and bumping into friends you only saw once a month or less. Shopping in Gettysburg offers a step back in time to a slower pace and a true variety of offerings.

Gettysburg shopping offers something for everyone. For the traditional shopper, Gettysburg supports a variety of apparel, shoes and accessories. The difference will be the small town customer service you will not find on-line or in the average mall. Children of all ages will enjoy the gift and souvenir shops that dot the quaint town streets. From miniature monuments and toy swords to collectible dolls and stuffed animals, there are treasures to be found and enjoyed by all.

Gettysburg also offers a fine array of bookstores, antique dealers and Civil War clothing. Visitors are amazed by the growing collection of art dealers showing Civil War, Americana, and other beautiful selections. The greater Gettysburg/Adams County area boasts an enormous antique selection unlike most others. We even have great factory outlet shopping! You will not find a shopping experience quite like this anywhere else.

No shopping spree would be complete without a culinary treat and Gettysburg will not let you down. Whether searching for a quick bite to eat or a fine dining experience, you will find it in Gettysburg. For those hunting down a treat to enjoy now or later, Gettysburg offers an array of ice cream, candy, baked goods, and local favorites. Leaving with an empty stomach is not an option!

There is so much to see in Gettysburg; you may want to plan a few days. Not to fear, Gettysburg offers a large selection of lodging, many located within walking distance of shops and restaurants. For additional details on shopping in Gettysburg, visit or call 1-800-337-5015 for a visitors guide.


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