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What you'll find here: A listing of some of the current and upcoming events in Gettysburg and Adams County.


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Day Date Time Category Name of Event Description Where Phone Comments
  1-31 All Day Your Event Dine at The Dobbin House Make Your Reservations now to Dine At The Dobbin 89 Steinwehr Ave Gettysburg, Pa 717-334-2100 Call today to make your Reservations!


Thu 31  8pm Theater The Foreigner by Larry Shue This award-winning and hysterical romp is from the creator of THE NERD. Totem Pole Playhouse

9555 Golf Course Road
Fayetteville, PA

1-888-805-7056 Laugh along as we follow a group of mismatched characters staying at a resort-style fishing lodge, where a very shy man is mistaken as a foreigner who doesn't speak English. The comedy builds from the assorted secrets and scandals freely discused in front of him.



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