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May 2001



Thank you for sending the info I requested back in April.  We came out to Gettysburg over Easter weekend and had a wonderful time.  We stayed at the Brafferton Inn.  Nice home and so historic.  Had dinner the first evening at the Farnsworth House.  The meal was pretty good but we really enjoyed the entertainment--Kent & Erica Courtney.  We enjoyed them so much we returned the next two evenings to listen to them sing and Kent tell Civil War stories. 

Dinner at the Blue Parrot Bistro was very nice the second evening.  And, on Easter Sunday we enjoyed eating at the Dobbin House.  I remembered it from my last visit back in the 80s and it was just as good as then. 

Of course, we did the driving tour of the battle field using a cassette tape and saw the Electric Map and Cyclorama.  But, I think I enjoyed the tour of the Slocum House on Baltimore St.  Sorry, I've forgotten the name but the tour guide talks about the civilian side of the battle.  She seemed very knowledgeable and enjoyed what she was doing.  But, the best part of our trip was the lecture by Mr. James A. Getty--"Abe Lincoln".  After, a few minutes listening to him we both believed that we were in the same room with President Lincoln.  We walked away stunned and are still talking about that 45 minute period.  GREAT!!!  WONDERFUL!!! BEST 45 MINUTES I'VE SPENT IN A LONG TIME. 

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