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April 1999

I wanted to just mention what Gettysburg is and what it is that makes it such an amazing place.

Gettysburg is not the story or three days in 1863, it is not the story or a battle, of a war, or of a nation. Gettysburg is not a monument, a gravesite, or a place of worship. Gettysburg is neither a place forgotten in time, nor a place imbedded in our minds by what happened there. Instead Gettysburg is the nation. The place symbolizes every freedom, hope, will, determination, and feeling in this country, both past and present. Gettysburg to different people is different things. To those who've never been there it is a battlefield of the Civil War. To those who died there or know who died and suffered there it is a cemetery and place of solemn worship. To many it is our history and heritage. However Gettysburg is what it is because in some way, some form it affects every American to ever live after those fateful days so long ago. It isn't the story of a high tide in a war, a tale of valor, or a look into the past, but rather a lasting impression of what determination in a cause is and the true inner strength of the human spirit really is. Walking down Cemetery  Ridge, or looking down at Devils Den from Little Round Top, it isn't a battlefield but a haunting reminder that when the will is strong enough anything is possible. The bullets have long since fell to the ground, the canon silenced, the battle flags folded up, the wounded removed, and the bugle calls drifted off into the wind, but the spirit is still there. The power and energy that consumed the small patch of land still remains, a undoubting power and feeling that consumes you from he moment you set foot on the land. It overpowers you and reminds you that the men who struggled there had not died in vain as Lincoln once said. Gettysburg is and always will be a reminder to everyone that we are faced with many moral dilemmas in this world, but we must remember what others have struggled for in the past and learn from it to become better people.

Well, it really is impossible to say what your town really is, but I tried my best. Truth is I've been to many places in the country but none has ever effected me and left such a lasting impression as Gettysburg has, not because what happened there or how it has been immortalized, but because of the emotion and energy it evokes when I stand on a peaceful quiet stretch of land in the fading sunlight and try and envision all the emotions and lives that met there and how on such a small lovely spot such events could occur to change history.

- visitor to Gettysburg


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