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May 2001

I have just completed a 3-day trip to Gettysburg.  I was there with my
husband, daughter,12, son, 9, and cousin, 22.  We had the time of our lives.
We stayed at the Gettysburg Campground and I think we were about the only
people there since we were there during the week.  We purchased a Plan 1 from
the Gettysburg Tour Company and went to all of the attractions.  We took a
2-hour bus trip around the area and it was very informative, interesting and
certainly kept my 9-year old's attention.  We just thought we'd let you know
what a great time it was.  Thank to whoever it is that keeps all of those
attractions looking the way they do.  Being in the middle of all of that sure
did make us think.  Thanks again!

Family from South Point, Ohio

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