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March 2001


I have seen the battlefields at Gettysburg and it makes my heart ache to think that we as Americans fought against each other instead of being united. War is so senseless, all it does it take lives . We should never have any wars to fight. God help us when we have no  other choice but to send man into battles . It's bad enough that we have fought wars in other countries, but when you start fighting each other within your own country then you need all the help from above that you can get. No country should ever be divided the way that we were during the Civil War. I pray that we have learned our lesson and the fighting that goes on in different countries will come to an end. Let the Civil War be an example to all countries that fighting within your own country or with any other country is just plain destructful. May the man who fought on the battlefields of Gettysburg and on battlefields around the world and who sacrificed their lives rest in peace.

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